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Cape Bear Lighthouse Keepers

Thomas Hugh Munn was born in West River in 1823. Sources say he was the person who began the process to have a lighthouse built at Cape Bear. He was a carpenter who became the first keeper there when the lighthouse opened in 1881. His salary was $300.00 a year. He married Janet Emery. After his first wife died, Thomas married Margaret MacKay. They had a daughter, Joanna, who was born at the lighthouse, and a son, John Thomas. Family history says that Thomas Munn fell from the lantern and was bed ridden for three years before he passed away in 1893. His son John tended the light during his illness and for a short period of time following his death.

William Harris was the second lightkeeper. He was married to Annie Jordan. Their children were Ada, George, Jane, Tryphena, Elizabeth, William, Louis, Daniel, and Gertrude. Annie had a boarding house built near the lighthouse site after William’s death at the age of 57. One of the Marconi telegraph operators, Elwood Champion, boarded there with his wife and children. Annie outlived her husband by many years. She died at the age of 89.

William and Annie Harris.  Circa 1900.  Cape Bear Museum.
William and Annie Harris.
Martin Luther Jordan.  Circa 1915.  Cape Bear Museum.
Martin Luther Jordan.
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