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East Point Lighthouse

East Point Lighthouse plays a vital role in the extensive fishery off the coast of Prince Edward Island and serves marine traffic using the Canso Strait to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It has remained an important coastal light throughout the century and a half it has been in operation.

East Point Lighthouse is notable as the last lighthouse built before Prince Edward Island joined Confederation. Although recommendations were made for a lighthouse on the site as early as 1851, it took a number of shipwrecks and pressure from the community before it was finally built in 1866-67.

East Point Lighthouse appears much the same today as it did when it was built, and is considered to be a fine example of an octagonal wooden tower. Many visitors come to the site to admire the beautiful scenery and explore the lighthouse, which is operated by a local non-profit group during the summer.

East Point Lighthouse 2006
  East Point Lighthouse 2006
Panorama tour of East Point
Video tour of East Point Lighthouse
Video Interview with Harry Harrison
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