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Glossary of Lighthouse Terms
Aid to Navigation: A buoy, beacon, lighthouse, lightship or any other structure or device installed, built or maintained for the purpose of assisting the navigation of vessels.

Alternative Use: The non-navigational use of an authentic lighthouse to preserve and generate support for the historic structure. This can also take place in a lighthouse that is still used for navigational purposes.

Automated: A lighthouse that has been changed to operate without the aid of a keeper. A keeper may still be retained for maintenance and security.

Characteristic: The unique visual identity of a lighthouse, including the light exhibited and structural features, which allows mariners to tell one lighthouse from another.

Chariot: The wheeled carriage at the bottom of a Fresnel lens assembly that allows the lens to rotate around a circular iron track atop the lens pedestal.

Crib: A structure, usually of timbers sunk in water through filling with stone, that served as the foundation for a structure built atop it. (sample image)

Daymark: Unique colour, pattern or architecture of towers and other markers to help navigators identify their location during the day. (sample image)

Decommissioned: A lighthouse that no longer functions as a navigational aid. (sample image)

De-staffed: An automated lighthouse without a lightkeeper.

Focal Plane: The height above the water level at which the centre of the light emanates.

Interim Lightkeeper: A lightkeeper who served on a temporary basis, usually between the appointments of full-time lightkeepers.

Lighthouse: Enclosed tower with an enclosed lantern built by a governing authority as an aid to navigation.

Lightstation: Light tower and associated buildings (dwellings, sheds, boathouses, and fog alarms) and the land they occupy.

List Of Lights (LOL): Official government list of navigational aids along the coasts and inland waterways featuring brief descriptions and precise locations.

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