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 Plant Profiles Plant Profiles
Want to know more about a medicinal plant? Look here for information about past uses, current medicinal status, and whether it's commercially and garden grown in Canada.
 Under the Weather Under the Weather
Learn about some of the plant-based tonics, home remedies, and patent medicines used by Canadians in the 1900s.
 Traditional Medicine in Today's Canada Traditional Medicine in Today's Canada
Meet an Ayurvedic doctor in Newfoundland, a naturopath in Quebec, a teacher of traditional Mohawk medicine in Ontario, and a licensed practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine in British Columbia.
 Meet Some Medicine Hunters Meet Some Medicine Hunters
The search for new medicines - and a better understanding of old one - continues. Find out about some Canadians who are part of this process.
 Places to Go Places to Go
Discover Canadian gardens and museums with displays of medicinal plants, other web sites, and further reading.

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