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Under the Weather:
I've Got ... A cold and cough

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I've got a cold and coughBefore the 1950s, if you escaped a tonic or a laxative for a bout of influenza or for a cold, cough, and sore throat, mother might dose you with a home-made tea. Wild cherry bark was well known for coughs and colds, though for many people turnip was easier to obtain, especially during the winter

Sufferers from influenza or colds might try sitting with their feet in a mustard foot bath.

There were, too, dozens and dozens of over-the-counter medicines to choose from. Think of having your chest rubbed with camphorated oil or oil of wintergreen.  And then  taking a spoonful of Friar's Balsam, Stafford's White Pine and Tar for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, or Macs Cherry Bark Cough Syrup.

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