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Artist Title of Work
First Name Last Name
Lorne Beug Home of the Ants/Bees
Lorne Beug Architectonica Perspectiva
Lorne Beug Pile O'Bones House
Lorne Beug The Naturalist's House
Victor Cicansky Soup Tureen
Victor Cicansky Dow Jones Bag
Victor Cicansky Brown Boot with Green Toes (Clodhopper)
Victor Cicansky Brown Boot with Pink Toes and Hoof
Victor Cicansky Magritte's Shoe
Victor Cicansky Stump
Victor Cicansky There Is Still Plenty of Fine Folks Around
Victor Cicansky Prairie Gamblers
Victor Cicansky Prairie Waterworks
Victor Cicansky Cabbage Man with a Fading Dream
Victor Cicansky Moose Jaw Woman
Victor Cicansky Straight from the Donkey's Mouth
Victor Cicansky VW Bus with Pig
Victor Cicansky Straw Queen
Victor Cicansky The Pantry Shelf
Victor Cicansky The Pink Pantry
Victor Cicansky Covered Jar
Victor Cicansky The Urbane Drain
Joe Fafard David Gilhooly
Joe Fafard Ted Godwin
Joe Fafard Bull
Joe Fafard Portrait of Russ
Joe Fafard The Clothes Horse (Roger Lee)
Joe Fafard Cow Giving Birth
Joe Fafard David Zack (from the Four Horsemen Series)
Joe Fafard Dead Cow
Joe Fafard Calf
Joe Fafard Mon Père
Joe Fafard Coyote Cup
Joe Fafard The Merchant of Pense
Joe Fafard Big Bear
Joe Fafard Jim
Joe Fafard Ford
Joe Fafard Harvey McInnes
Joe Fafard Untitled (cow)
Joe Fafard Armistice Day Cup
Joe Fafard Stag Cup
Joe Fafard Dave, the Visitor
David Gilhooly Nogfrog, Inventor of the Wheel
David Gilhooly Russ Orangauke
David Gilhooly The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulip
David Gilhooly The Dutch Wrestlers
David Gilhooly Drilled by the Pigs
David Gilhooly Well Balanced Fertility Goddess
David Gilhooly Queen Victoria
David Gilhooly Sketchbook: San Jose and Regina
David Gilhooly Sketchbook: Regina
David Gilhooly Sketchbook: Regina
David Gilhooly Sketchbook: Regina
David Gilhooly Sketchbook: Regina
David Gilhooly Squirrel's Fertility Goddess
David Gilhooly Gentleman Baboon
David Gilhooly Frog Suicide
David Gilhooly Froghell
Ricardo Gómez Untitled
Ricardo Gómez Teapot
Ricardo Gómez Untitled
Beth Hone Slab Vase
Beth Hone Fluted Gills #1
Beth Hone Fluted Gills #2
Beth Hone Folded Form
Ann James What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This?
Ann James Forever Sleeping Series #1
Ann James Tut-Tut
Ann James I'm Roberta, I'm Betina (Lonely Girl #1 and #2)
Ann James Flower Piece
Ann James Vase (Doulton Flower Group)
Ann James Vase with Flowers (with Jack Sures)
Ann James Creepy Flowers #1 (Coolport Series)
Ann James Creepy Flowers #2 (Coolport Series)
Ann James Worn Out Memory Series #4
Ann James South Sea Odalisque
Margaret Keelan Untitled
Margaret Keelan Untitled
Marilyn Levine Vase
Marilyn Levine Jacket #2
Marilyn Levine Untitled
Marilyn Levine Untitled
Marilyn Levine Untitled #2
Marilyn Levine Jacket
Marilyn Levine Sailor's Cap
Marilyn Levine Soft Empties 7-Up
Marilyn Levine Soft Empties Coke #1
Marilyn Levine Suitcase #2
Marilyn Levine Pocket Cup #3
Marilyn Levine Satchel
Marilyn Levine Steel Toe Boots #2
Marilyn Levine Bob's Cowboy Boots
Marilyn Levine Dufour Backpack
Marilyn Levine John's Mountie Boots
Marilyn Levine Laced Boot Cup
Marilyn Levine Loop Laced Cup
Marilyn Levine Cup with Laced Lid
Marilyn Levine Brown Bag with Zipper
Lorraine Malach (with Folmer Hanson and David Ross) Sunflower
Lorraine Malach Growing Forms
Maija Peeples-Bright Sunny Snail Woofish
Maija Peeples-Bright Peacock Peaks
Jack Sures Vase
Jack Sures Untitled
Jack Sures Valley of the Beasts
Jack Sures A Small Reminder 
Jack Sures Two Meanies on a Mountain
Jack Sures Hand Built Pot
Jack Sures Untitled
Jack Sures Therefore I'll Give No More
Jack Sures Untitled
Jack Sures Near Al's Place
Jack Sures Red Dots in an Asparagus Garden
David Thauberger Turkeyscape
David Thauberger Evel Knievel Jumps Snake River Canyon
David Thauberger Off the Wall
David Thauberger A Flamingo Piece
David Thauberger A Prairie Piece
David Thauberger A Volkswagen Piece
David Thauberger Bijou
David Thauberger The Grand
David Thauberger If We Were Ordinary Drive Ins We'd Have Just One Kind of Burger
Russell Yuristy The Sound of Art Sometimes
Russell Yuristy Blue Boat
Russell Yuristy Ram Wagon
Russell Yuristy Self-Portrait (Aries)
Russell Yuristy Boys on Christophe's Truck
Russell Yuristy Calgary Export
Russell Yuristy Hay Wagon
Russell Yuristy Horse and Open Cutter
Russell Yuristy Old Style Pilsner Beer
Russell Yuristy Sick/6
Russell Yuristy Working Drawing for Duck Boat
Russell Yuristy Aries
Russell Yuristy Horse in Head Dream
Russell Yuristy Ram


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