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Jack Sures
"An Excellent Student"
Victor Cicansky | Covered Jar, Soup Tureen
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These two pieces were done by Vic Cicansky, and they obviously show my teaching influence – high fire stoneware. This was a technique I was using at the time. It was throwing pieces of clay on other pieces of clay and I have a number of pieces but the exercise was probably to do a thrown and hand-built exercise, making a functional object. I basically tried to get the students to learn technique, and then to develop their own art once they have the means of doing it. This was obviously a casserole assignment. This is actually thrown and then distorted. And this is dry clay pressed onto wet clay. But this is thrown, it doesn’t have any fibreglass in it. Vic was an excellent student, as was Marilyn of course, and obviously they’re better than me cause they went further.

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