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Wayne Morgan
Consultant, 19th and 20th Century Popular Culture
"Commitment to Making Art"
Lorraine Malach | Growing Forms, Sunflower
Run Time: 1:34, Size:3.9mb

Lorraine Malach for me is one of the most interesting earlier artists in this exhibition. She was, for me, the first artist who lived the life, the first artist who worked and sold her work. She had returned from the United States at the Barnes Foundation the way that Lockhead and McKay had, and when I entered art school I encountered her and spent a summer between first year and second year hanging out with her and drawing and painting day after day after day after day. She was not in the inner circle, although I think she had studied at University of Regina. And then I’m certain that Lockhead had suggested that perhaps the Barnes in Pennsylvania would be a good place to study. I don’t know how she supported herself unless her family assisted her, but she made art everyday of her life, and hardly anyone else did. She was constantly seeking to say something and do something. She’s obviously not a funk artist, but she lived the life and it was just a full-fledged commitment to making art.

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