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David Thauberger
"Jumping Snake River Canyon"
David Thauberger | Evil Kneevil Jumps Snake River Canyon
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The Evil Kneevil piece is one of the first pieces that I made of the bikers, and, in fact, I had just read a reference in a magazine somewhere about this guy who had decided he was going to jump over the Grand Canyon and for some reason or another, I guess there was some kind of not only logistical but legal problems with making that jump, so he averted the Grand Canyon jump and decided to jump over the Snake River Canyon instead. As it turned out, the Snake River Canyon was something that we drove through or drove past on our trips driving between Regina and California, or Montana and California, so you had to go through Idaho and by the Snake River Canyon. So it had that kind of resonance, more so for me, because that was as much the idea as Evil Kneevil. I guess Evil Kneevil was known, but not as the cultural icon which he since became. I really had no reference to this guy as to what kind of bike or what kind of accoutrements or outfit he’d be wearing or any of that, all the glitz and all the stuff, so I just made a guy, a biker, on a motorcycle sort of leaping over the canyon, and trying to envisage what the canyon would look like, and how you could realize the image of someone leaping and I thought the rainbow was a great idea so that’s why I incorporated that. I think the piece worked out very well.

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