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Getting Better - Hospital Care in Canada

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Welcome to the Getting Better hospital, where not only the patients get better, the technology and treatments do too.

Over time, the instruments that doctors and nurses use, the treatments they give, and even the buildings they work in, have changed. In some ways, the people and things in hospitals have obviously become "better." In other ways, progress is not so clear. One thing is certain, though: there is always room for improvement.

Visit different rooms in our hospital, and see the instruments and materials and treatments there. Enter here, and choose a department. Some of the objects you'll see are ingenious, some are weird, and some are just plain life-saving.
Visit different people in the hospital, and do activities relating to their different hospital experiences. Enter here, and choose from ten people to visit. To complete the activities, you'll also have to visit the different rooms in the hospital to look for clues.


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