Once upon a roof...

You Renovate?


Access to the SARP (Service d'aide-conseil en rénovation patrimoniale) website (French only)

Do you have any comments regarding heritage renovation?
Want to share your own heritage renovation experience?
Write to SARP at info@sarp.qc.ca. It will be their pleasure to respond!


You would like customised service to help you renovate your house while preserving its original style.

Ask our personnel by calling 1-418-668-2606 ext. 224 or send us your information at the following E-mail address: info@sarp.qc.ca

Our Web site is currently undergoing renovations; you will soon be able to access our on-line service directly by going to www.sarp.qc.ca

Double-slope House with Dormer Before Renovation Proposed Renovation Double-slope House with Dormer After Renovation
Bungalow Before Renovation Proposed Renovation Bungalow After Renovation  

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