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Hearing your Calling

At some point in the life an ascetic, he/she will feel an urging to live closer to the Creator. This feeling is what guides them to choose a life of monasticism. In fact, every person on this planet has a calling. Whatever urging interest or passion a person feels, in order to accomplish a dream or leap a hurdle, is in essence a calling. The calling is just the beginning to a journey down one of life’s many pathways.

Take a moment to assess what your calling may be. Sometimes this can be a hidden passion, or even a small task that you enjoy. The most important part in every person’s calling is the values that are present in each person already. What kind of person do you want to be as you grow up? Would you be a kind person to strangers, maybe you would care for the sick, or counsel people with their problems? In recognizing these values within yourself what types of professions could attach themselves to these values?

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