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Experiencing Love

Monks make the choice to embrace all creations of God with kindness and care. They experience the love of God in His forgiveness, constant care and the beauty of creation. The love of brethren is another way of experiencing love, this is like becoming a family with many friends. There are many different ways a person can experience love. Like the love towards a pet, friend or family member. A relationship with God embraces all feelings and emotions and offers endless forgiveness and love to everyone.

Make a list of people whom you feel love towards and recognize how love can be expressed by a gesture as small as a smile. Trying to feel love towards everyone is a difficult task, it takes a lot of work. Especially when people can be hurtful and the world can be seemingly bleak. In times when you feel like this try to look to the good in nature, such as the beauty of a snowflake, or the sweet sounds of laughter. See how quickly good feelings towards other people can increase with smiles and understanding.

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