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Simplicity of Life

Physical hardship and strict self-denial help achieve a simple life, without luxury or self-indulgence. By doing these simple yet arduous tasks the monks help to liberate their lives and spirits from the weight of materialism. Often times we may be caught in the hype of a new trend; sometimes wanting stuff that is not imperative to living. The monks seek to sacrifice these things in their lives with discipline. Watching television is a luxury most people do not wish to relinquish, yet the monks do not have this type of entertainment in their midst. They have sacrificed many activities that we take for granted.

Reading a book, drawing a picture or going for a walk outside instead of turning on the television one evening is a great way to experience simplicity by surrendering a luxury. Try taking this to an even larger level by replacing your intake of television shows with an activity that you have always dreamed of doing permanently. Make that time for you alone.

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