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Move right fist several times from left to right quickly just below chest level, back of hand is up.



When a monk chooses to enter a monastery, it is a commitment to solitude and a letting go of society. However, a monk also agrees to become part of a community, living together and sharing all the tasks and responsibilities of daily life. Hospitality is equally a strong component of the monastic life. Providing a retreat atmosphere for individuals and groups is an important gift to the world outside the cloister walls.


1. "Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!" -Psalm 133

2. "The monk is one who is separated from all and united to all." -Evagrius, 4th Century

3. "Let all guests be received as Christ" Rule of St. Benedict.

"House full of delight,
built upon rock
And indeed the true vine
Transplanted from Egypt."
- Antiphoner of Bangor

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