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Below are a series of clickable documents and architectural drawings from the archive of Notre Dame Des Prairies Abbey in St. Norbert, Manitoba

Crest  The Crest of Notre Dame Des Prairies Abbey

coupe Blueprint, Abbey Church, St. Norbert

facade  Façade of the Abbey Church, St. Norbert

cross section  Cross section of the Abbey Church

ground floor  Ground floor of the Abbey Church

basement  Basement of the Abbey Church

Floor Plan Floor plan of the Abbey, living section

cheese label cheese labelcheese labelcheese label Cheese Labels

honey labelchocolate labelhoney chocolate label Honey and Chocolate Labels

Letters from and to Monseigneur Noel Joseph Ritchot
letter letter letter letterletterletter

schedule  Typical daily schedule of the Monks

1947 Concecration Speech  Page from an article about the Consecration, 1947

The following are pages from the daybooks. The daybooks are the meticulously recorded financial activities of the Abbey and hence present a unique crossection of the Monk's lives.

Daybook, 1892 Page from Daybook, 1892

Daybook, 1896 Pages from Daybook, 1896

Daybook, 1897-1906 Pages from Daybook, 1897-1906

Daybook, 1901-1902 Pages from Daybook, 1901-1902

Daybook 1930 Pages from Daybook, 1930

Daybook, 1932  Page from Daybook, 1932

Daybook, 1947 Pages from Daybook, 1947

cemetery plan Cemetery Plan

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