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St Norbert Arts Centre
The St. Norbert Arts Centre is an experimental model of a community development dedicated to cultural expression, education and environmental stewardship. Situated on a site of spiritual, cultural, historical and environmental significance, site stewardship is the backbone of the Centre's efforts.

St Norbert Arts Centre

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The St. Norbert Arts Centre’s role as a community creator, a presenter, a facilitator, a publisher, a public space, and an historic site express core values of diversity, equality and harmony. The Centre does not distinguish between professional and community cultural activities but rather provides an opportunity to expanded dialogue between the arts and other realms of social expression. Past projects have seen collaboration in diverse fields such as education, academics, activist practices, health care and spirituality. SNAC continuing vision of organic, process-driven collaborations between all players is an important community-building endeavour.

The Living Earth Culture Village is the St. Norbert Arts Centre’s residency program welcoming people from all walks of life to participate in a community cultural experience focussed on environmental activism.

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