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IV   The Conversion to Christ of the
       Roman Empire

Many persecutions of early Christians occurred during the first three centuries. Constatine, the Roman Emperor, converted to Christianity and was baptized. At the beginning of the 4th Century, the first Christian community was largely Greek speaking but that changed during the fourth century. Pope Damascus (372-380) then decided that the liturgy of the Roman Church would be celebrated in Latin and he asked his secretary, Saint Jerome, to translate the whole Bible into Latin. This translation is now known as the Vulgate. During this period, many pagan temples were converted to churches and basilicas.

. In the era known as the Middle Ages in Europe, political changes are transforming in favour of Christianity as the dominant belief. In 817 AD, Charlemagne, the first Christian King of France. 1049-1123 AD The Gregorian Reform. Development of Eastern, Western and Orthodox Churches.


                    Holy Roman Empire DÜRER, Albrecht
Emperor Charlemagne (detail)
Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg