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XI  Vatican II

1965 A.D. The Vatican Council tranforms the Church towards a spiritual renewal.

Video Transcription:
"Vatican II certainly affected everyone in the church and we were no exception. The monks had a tremendous change also with time especially concerning the liturgy. Everything was in Latin. It became possible to use vernacular and this was certainly a radical change for us. And also no more class distinctions. We used to have two classes of monks: the choir religious and the brothers. After Vatican II, there was only one category. Everyone was a monk. Within that category we still have priests and non-priests. The brothers would have the right to vote, they were on equal basis with the choir religious. And more emphasis on fraternal life. We used to be like hermits living in a community but now it is more cennobetical life which means there are more relations between the brothers. The possibility of verbal exchanges were not possible in the past. We communicated through signs except to superiors and for work but it became possible for exchanges with a brother just for charity. This was also a change that affected the whole life."

-Dom Marcel Carbotte, abbot of Our Lady of the Prairies Abbey.