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1900 Building A Community

The first four Monks to make their home at Our Lady of the Prairies are Father’s Paul and Cleophas and Brothers Alphonse and Urbain. Three Novices joined the first year. First Abbot is Fr Louis de Bourmont.

1. From Rule of St. Benedict: “ Do not grant newcomers to monastic life as easy entry, but as the apostle says, ’test the spirits to see if they come from God.’” (John 4:1)

2. The novitiate is the period of time when a newcomer considers the lifelong commitment of becoming a monk. The novitiate is for two years followed by simple vows after three years. The final vows are made in a solemn ceremony after a five year preparation.

. Brother Basile designed and built the cloister gate.



From the Archive of Our lady of
the Prairies Abbey, Holland Manitoba