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1950 Cultural Exchange and the
           Great Flood

The meeting of two cultures happens when Chinese Trappist Monks arrive to visit the Trappists of Our Lady of the Prairies. The Great Flood adds a natural drama to the regular life of the Monks. Find out how Monks adapt to change despite their rigorous life of ritual and silence. How do you adapt to change?

. Dom Fulgence became abbot in 1955.

2. The Altar of Notre Dame Des Prairies had relics from Rome sealed in it during consecration in 1947. By this time the building had been completely paid for. Other alters were: Altar St. Joseph, Altar Our lady of Pity, Altar St. Micheal, Altar St. Peter.

3. All Trappist Monasteries are named for the Blessed Virgin.

4. Frère Antoine was born Viscount d’Aubigny, gave his family fortune to the church and became a brother.



From the Archive of Our lady of
the Prairies Abbey, Holland Manitoba