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"And No One Lives There Anymore"
Livyer's Lot Museum
Burns Cove , Newfoundland and Labrador


homes they left behind. They
can't help but reflect on
what they sacrificed. Some
fishers and their families
have actually returned and
resettled in their former
   It's evident at the
Livyer's Lot Museum how much
the people respect their

roots. Originally, the
structure was a Port
Elizabeth Island home built
in 1909 for fisher William
Paddle and his wife. It was
then relocated to Red Harbour
in 1969 as part of the
resettlement program and
remained there until 1993
when the Placentia West

Heritage committee bought it
and moved it to its present
Boat Harbour location. The
site now showcases artifacts
from the glory days of
Placentia Bay.

   We would like to thank
the residents of the
Placentia West Region who
gave so freely and willingly
of their time to help out
with the project in any way
they could, without your
stories, pictures, videos and
interviews this project would

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