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Nightingale of the North-Georgina Stirling
Twillingate Museum and Crafts
Twillingate , Newfoundland and Labrador


morning, April 23, 1935, in
the old Stirling house–the
voice of the Nightingale was
forever stilled.
   It is more than 100 years
since Georgina set out on her
brilliant career, and she is
still inspiring opera
enthusiasts worldwide. In
1983, Amy Louise Peyton,

whose husband was a relative
of Georgina, wrote a
biography entitled
“Nightingale of the North.”
This book has brought
awareness to new generations
of Newfoundland’s first opera
singer. In 1997, Eleanor
Cameron Stockley of
Twillingate wrote and

directed the musical
“Georgie,” which involved a
local cast of approximately
22 adults and 13 children and
increased new interest and
pride in our native opera
star. People came from all
over the province and beyond
to see this performance.
Sandra Campbell, a writer and

educator in Ontario, listened
to CBC Radio’s Clyde Gilmor
tell the story of Georgie.
She was spellbound by the
tale and later came to
Twillingate to learn more. As
a consequence of her journey,
Sandra was inspired to write
a novel entitled “Dreaming

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