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Ice: A historic link for Pictou Islanders. The story of the Ice boat during the early 1900s.
Northumberland Fisheries Museum & Heritage Association
Pictou , Nova Scotia


There had been times when
harsh conditions resulted in
crews spending a night under
the over turned iceboat for
   There have been cases
where entire crews have
drowned when making crossing
on the Strait ice.
   The boat’s rough usage

from running into ice cakes,
going up and down mounds of
ice and snow and dealing with
whatever other elements
nature could throw its way
played havoc on the boat’s
strength and the endurance of
the men who manned the

   Made possible with
support from CHIN and HBCHF
[Hudson’s Bay Company History
   Special thanks to the
Pictou Island Community
   Thank you to the Pictou
County Historical Photograph
Society, Amanda MacLean, and

Allan Gagnon for photographic
   Historical information,
articles, and photographs
assisted and supported by
local historian and author,
Jim Turple and “Pictou
Island, Nova Scotia: Its
History and People”, author
Kenneth MacCallum.

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