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Sworn to Secrecy: Canadians on Radar, 1940-1945
Secrets of Radar Museum (The)
London , Ontario


in the Canadian electronics
   This exhibit highlights
the experiences of some of
these Canadian men and women
as they worked building and
maintain radar stations on
the Canadian coast and
overseas. Most completed
their training at a newly

constructed air force base in
the rural Ontario farming
community of Clinton.
   The contributions of the
thousands of men and women
working on Canadian radar
since 1940, both military and
civilian, have helped to
protect our soldiers on the
front lines, our people at

home, and helped to create a
technological legacy that
continues to be part of our
everyday lives.
   The Secrets of Radar
Museum is dedicated to
preserving the experiences,
stories and history of the
men and women who helped
build, develop, operate,

maintain and defend Canadian
RADAR, here in Canada and
abroad. Founded in 2001, we
are an incorporated not-for-
profit museum located in
London, Ontario. The
museum's exhibits and
education programs ensure
that this remarkable and
unique Canadian story

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