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"We Made Our Own Fun"
Newcastle Village and District Historical Society
Newcastle , Ontario


Carveth enjoyed filming the
activities of local children.
Many of these activities and
games seem unusual to young
people today. Some of the
games played were the “Coin
Toss”, “Ring-Around-the-
Rosie”-“London Bridges” and
the “May Pole Dance”. As
well, he filmed many school

sports events and local
activities such as chasing
chickens, playing with white
rats and training a dog to
jump on a stool. As a result,
the NVDHS produced this short
documentary on these

   A local businessman,
Cecil Carveth who shot the
origninal movies from 1920's
to 1950's, Jack Gordon who
assembeled and preserved the
films after Mr. Carveth's
death, Video Project Team
from the Newcastle Village
and District Historical

Society, Bev jeeves, Deborah
Leslie, Allan Kirby, Myno
VanDyke, Ron Locke, Marion
Saunders, Greg Forget

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