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150 Artefacts for 150 Years: Celebrating Hillary House National Historic Site
Hillary House
Aurora , Ontario


to the lives of family
   Through ceramics,
textiles, tools and ephemera,
the exhibit allows the
visitor to learn about the
family's culinary past,
military associations,
fashion trends, leisure
pursuits and the role of the

grounds at Hillary House. The
visitor also gains a greater
understanding of the
architectural significance of
the house, biographies of the
Doctors who practiced here,
the genealogy of the Hillary
family and the lives of
Hillary children.
   The artefacts and

archival documents you will
find featured in this exhibit
were ones put on display for
public viewing for the first
time. They reveal the broader
history captured in this
historic site. These objects
reflect what many of us may
have in our own homes-
precious heirlooms beside

practical tools. Some of
these items on display
perhaps resonate with you: a
book you read, a dress your
grandmother wore, a sport you
like to watch.
   Hillary House and its
associated collection is a
reflection of Aurora's past
and one that can be

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