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100 Years in Stony Plain
Multicultural Heritage Centre
Stony Plain , Alberta


officially incorporated as a
   As Stony Plain celebrates
its centennial, it's evident
that 100 years later the
bustling community of about
12,000 residents is still
flourishing. And while some
old buildings were torn down
to make way for new

developments, many of the
town's original structures,
such as the renovated
Professional Building and
Stony Plain Hotel on Main
Street, are still standing
proud and have become the
object of a preservation
drive. This rich heritage is
also evident in the 27

artists' murals throughout
the town that evoke its

   The Multicultural
Heritage Centre would like to
thank all the hours the work
that our staff and many
volunteers put into this
project. We would also like
to send out a special thanks
to all the donors of the
photographs, archives and

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