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The Leightons' Artistic Legacy
Leighton Art Centre
Calgary , Alberta


and if she invited you for
tea in her atrium you were
expected to attend-but never
regretted it. Her immense
personality left a positive
effect on everyone who
crossed her path; this
influence is still felt today
by people of all ages who
make the journey to the

Leighton Foundation Art
   A.C. Leighton on the
other hand was more
introverted than his wife and
preferred the solitude that
his artistic career afforded.
He was an adventurous spirit,
spending much time in the
rugged Canadian wilderness in

search of the ideal subject
matter for his painting. But
no matter how serious about
his art or how reclusive a
personality, A.C. was down to
earth and took the opinions
of everyday people-whether
the baker, the postman or
even a young child-very
seriously and would discard a

piece of his art based on
their judgment.
   They were very different
people. Nevertheless, as
Barbara said-it worked for
them, and very well. They
travelled the world together
in the pursuit of artistic
inspiration. From England to
Scotland and Ireland, the

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