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For King and County: Soldiers of the Haliburton Highlands
Minden Hills Museum
Minden , Ontario


part of the First World War
Batallions, the wartime
propaganda used to encourage
the community to be
supportive of the cause, to
the return of the remains of
Haliburton soldiers for
Haliburtonís first wartime
funeral, and the continued
contribution made by

Haliburton during the Second
World War.
   Many different artefacts
are included in this exhibit
including newspaper clippings
from the time, letters to and
from family and sweethearts,
even romantic postcards.
Also included are videos that
demonstrate in awesome

magnitude the contribution
made by Haliburton County for
King and Country.

   We wish to thank all the
museums, orginizations and
individuals who helped with
the creation of this

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