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The Trinity Benefit Club (TBC) - 170 Years of History, 1838 - 2008

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Mr. Ray Fowlow, Recording Treasurer
Mr. Ross Goldsworthy, Guest Speaker
Mr. Ross Kelly
Mr. Ross Kelly, Secretary/Treasurer
Mr. Rupert Morris, Master of Ceremonies
Mr. Stephen Locke
Mr. Tom Toope, Treasurer
Mr. Wayne Marsh, Tyler
Original Collar Worn by Executive
Original Sash and Rosette Worn by Members
Past Presidents
Pearce Spurrell
Phyllis Vokey
Regalia of the Trinity Benefit Club
Reginald Mills
Rev. Donald Young, Minister, Anglican Parish
Rev. Larry Noseworthy
Rev. Robert Oldford
Rev. Robert Peddle
Rev. Thomas Lamb, Minister for the Anglican Parish

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