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Pictou, Nova Scotia

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Ice: A historic link for Pictou Islanders. The story of the Ice boat during the early 1900s.

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A better-quality soil for all agricultural purposes.
A combined dwelling and lighthouse similar to other lighthouses at that time.
All the Scots were Highlanders and strife soon developed between the Scottish and Irish settlers.
Alta Munroe, NFM
Art Ferguson
Bill Henderson, NFM
Charlie Turple
Coffin of unknown Pictou Islander
Dream Boat II
Duncan MacDonald
East End
East End Lighthouse was built in 1853 at the east end of the Island. The building was square and painted white .
Eddie Glover
Edward "Spike" MacDonald
Elias Turple
Eric Scanlan, NFM
Frederick DesBarres referred to it as Pictou Island in 1760.

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