Hiscock House Provincial Historic Site
Trinity, Newfoundland and Labrador

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The Hiscock House: The Tale of an Entrepreneurial Woman
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Floss Hiscock located in the center with her friends
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Florence Hiscock, Katherine Mews, Mary Hiscock and William Hiscock enjoy a social visit
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Stuart Courage, Margaret Parsons, Jack McGrath, Gertrude Pittman Courage, Floss and Moll
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Moll, Stuart Courage, Gertrude Courage, Margaret Parsons and Florence enjoy a relaxing time
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Emma and Floss Hiscock
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Aunt Sophie Pittman Gent - Emma's sister
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Aunt Sarah Pittman Coffin - Richard Sr.'s Sister
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William Pittman' funeral - Emma's father
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Roger Grimes and daughters of Richard Hiscock Jr. cutting ribbon at opening of Hiscock House Exhibit
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Joan Ivany and Pam Fowlow dusting the furniture at the Hiscock House.
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Pam Fowlow dusting the table in the dining room
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Joan Ivany making bread in the kitchen of the Hiscock House
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Ladies having tea outside the Hiscock House
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Patricia Keough darning a sock while Christina Dalton looks on
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Lord and Lady Digby speaking with David White while visiting Trinity
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Lady Digby holding a knitted sweater at the Hiscock House shop
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Lady Digby browsing the Hiscock House shop
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The children that participated in the Hiscock House garden.
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