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Above & Beyond - Early Yukon Aviation

Northern Lights with trappers Sam Peters and Dave Hager
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Queen of the Yukon II
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Clyde Wann and Gordon Stewart loading dynamite on the Queen II
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Paddy Burke in the Queen of the Yukon II
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Queen II on floats on the Yukon River
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John Patterson Queen II pilot
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Crash of the Queen II
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F.E. (Bud) Harbottle (Pilot)
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Fokker Super Universal at Carcross
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Cutom Waco Icy Dip In Carcross Lagoon
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Angus McIntyre and Treadwell-Yukon pilot Everett Wassen
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De Havilland Cirrus Moth christened the 'Rilla Martha'
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The First Corporate Airplane in the Yukon
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