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Point Atkinson Lighthouse: Maintaining the Light
Location: Point Atkinson, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Point Atkinson Lighthouse
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Gate to Point Atkinson Lighthouse in Point Atkinson Park.
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The eastern view from the Point Atkinson lighthouse
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View to the south from the Point Atkinson Lighthouse tower.
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The western view from the Point Atkinson lighthouse
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Page from 1878 survey of area that became West Vancouver, showing the buildings at Point Atkinson.
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Postcard of Point Atkinson Lighthouse.
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Postcard showing original wood Point Atkinson lighthouse tower, with boat in foreground.
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The lighthouse tower and house was demolished in 1912 and a new concrete tower was built.
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Point Atkinson Lighthouse with duplex in the foreground.
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Duplex with Point Atkinson Lighthouse in the background.
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The pilot's station (foreground) and the Point Atkinson lighthouse and keeper's duplex (background).
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Point Atkinson Lighthouse. Photo credit: Larry Dawe.
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Lighthouse boat used by keepers. Built in 1886.
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A page of a lightkeeper's inventory from 1907.
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Lighthouse inventory 1912
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This is a page from the visitors' book  of 1935.
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Light keepers meticulously recorded the amount of fuel used by the fog alarm.
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