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Main--Dieu, Nova Scotia

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The Boats of Main--Dieu & Area
Location: Main--Dieu, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Transporting boat from home to wharf on "Launching day"
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"Rolling" a boat down to the water for "Launching day"
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"Blessing of the fleet"
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Main--Dieu cemetery
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"Blessing of the fleet"
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"Setting-out day": first day of the lobster-fishing season
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Plastic-foam buouys and nylon hauling rope
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Concrete weights for wire lobster traps
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Navigational systems pick up satellite information using antennae
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The technological revolution: today's boats are virtually unrecognizable to yesterday's fishermen
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Computer equipment in the house of a fishing boat
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An arsenal of technology
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Bringing in lobster traps
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Seals in Main--Dieu harbour
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Crab catch
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L to R: visiting Sister; Sister Hugh Marie; Dan McDougall with swordfish catch
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Dan McDougall standing on the spar of a swordfishing boat
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Swordfish striker
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