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Main--Dieu, Nova Scotia

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The Boats of Main--Dieu & Area
Location: Main-a-Dieu, Cape Breton Island

Joe Forgeron and Dan McDougall painting the inside of a boat dan built
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Dan McDougall on a boat he built
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Name the boat
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Dan McDougall and family pulling up row boat to a boat Dan built
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Spending time with family on the boat that dad built
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Fibreglass boats replace wooden boats
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Elias Campbell: stripped wooden boat to be fibreglassed
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Boats going out Main--Dieu harbour for the "Blessing of the fleet"
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Dan McDougall: wooden boat
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Wooden Shell
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Donald Angus fibreglassing
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Jimmy Mullins' boat in Hall's Boat House
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Dave Forgeron and his son, preparing wooden lobster traps for fishing season
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"Blessing of the fleet" in Main--Dieu
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Elias Campbell's boat, prepared for fibreglassing
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Elias Campbell's boat after being fibreglassed
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Fishing boats in Main--Dieu harbour
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Oar-rowed wooden boat
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