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First Wave of Ukrainian Immigration to Canada, 1891-1914
Location: Manitoba, Canada

Ukrainian  Immigrants leaving Winnipeg for their homestead somewhere in Manitoba
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A Ukrainian immigrant woman
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Winnowing wheat with a domestic sieve
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Homesteaders used teams of oxen
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The early outdoor ovens in which the settlers baked bread
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The first shelter of a Ukrainian pioneer family was called a boorday or kurnik
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A typical Ukrainian pioneer house
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Galician Immigrants
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Ukrainian pioneer women clearing land
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Ukrainian immigrant family in front of their log house
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The interior of a Ukrainian Orthodox Church
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Scythe (kosa) with snath-handle (kysija) and cradle (hrabky).
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A mattock (dzhagan) with handle made of oak.
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Clearing lands with a mattock at Winnipeg Beach.
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Harvesting with sickles on a homestead.
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A riddle or sieve  (ryshyto) brought from Ukraine in 1902.
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The Radomsky windmill at Foley, Manitoba.
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