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The Leightons' Artistic Legacy

The Old Country-Artwork by Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton, for the Canadian Pacific
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"Lake Louise Trail Riders" Pastel Drawing by Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton
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The Canadian Pacific Route-Artwork by Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton, Canadian Pacific
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Postcards Designed by Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton Using the Alias "Bi Joe"
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Barbara Harvey's Siblings-Left to Right-Patricia, Harry Norman, James Benjamin and Barbara Mary
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Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton Teaching Art En Plein Air (Outdoors)
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Alfred Crocker (A.C.) and Barbara Leighton Travelling Together
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Group of Artists, including Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton and Barbara Leighton
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Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton Teaching Art En Plein Air (Outdoors)
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Barbara Leighton and Harry Anthony Harvey, her Father at the Opening of the Leighton Art Centre
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Barbara Leighton Pit Firing Pottery
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"Picturesque Arts Setting"-The Albertan, Author: Linda Curtis
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Barbara Leighton Teaching Tie Dye
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"Special Gal-Special Job"-The Albertan, Author: Linda Curtis
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Children at the Leighton Art Centre
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