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The Leightons' Artistic Legacy

Pamphlet on Brassey School of Art, the Art School Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton Attended
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Model Plane Made by Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton
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Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton's British Passport
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Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton's British Passport
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Postcards Designed by Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton Using the Alias "Bi Joe"
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"Spirit of Canada Caught by Artist in Mountain Work"-The Calgary Herald
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"Windmills Are Inspiration of Art Exhibition"-The Calgary Herald, Author: F.A.F.
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"A.C. Leighton, Famous Artist, Arrives Here to Join Staff at Tech"-The Calgary Herald
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"Well Known Artist Weds Calgary Girl At Quiet Ceremony"-The Calgary Herald
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Alfred Crocker (A.C.) and Barbara Leighton Travelling Together
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"Adding Art to Alberta's Assets"-The Calgary Herald, Author: Eddie Burns
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"Stolen Painting Won Award"-The Calgary Herald
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Leighton Art Centre Flyer
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"Special Gal-Special Job"-The Albertan, Author: Linda Curtis
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Award from the Province of Alberta
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