Georgina's sister Rose with Kate's son Paul Putzki Jr. Rose remained a spinster, she lived in Naples, Italy for over twenty years before returning to Twillingate to spend her later years. It was with Rose that Georgina spend her final days.


Miss Rose Stirling, Georgina's sister.


Rose at home in Twillingate in later years.
Rose and Georgina had a variety of pets, dogs, cats, piglets, goat and ducks. On a cold night it was not unusual to see animals wandering through the house.


Georgina's great-grandfather, John Peyton, Sr.,
known as "John the Elder" was born at Wimborne, Christchurch, Hampshire, England in 1747. In 1770 at the age of 23 he made his first voyage to Newfoundland. He spent the rest of his life on the banks of the Exploits River, built his home at Upper Sandy Point, Exploits Island and was buried there. He was a pioneer of the Exploits River, one of the first river lords. He established a successful salmon and salt cod export business and competed with the native Beothucks for the resources of the river and surrounding forest.


Georgina's Paternal Grandfather, Magistrate John Peyton Jr.


Magistrate John Peyton, Jr., Georgina's maternal grandfather was born in 1791 at Wimbourne, England. He was educated at Christchurch School and entered the Imperial Service at Summerset House as a junior clerk in the navy pay office. In 812 he accompanied his father, John, the Elder, to Newfoundland to help with his fishery export business. In 1818, only four years after his arrival in Newfoundland, John, Jr. was appointed Justice of the Peace for the northern district.

In 1823 John, Jr. married Eleanor Mahaney at Exploits. It was into their home that the last known native Beothuck came to live for five years.

In 1836, John Peyton, Jr. was appointed Stipendary Magistrate for the district of Twillingate and Fogo. With his wife and family they moved to Twillingate, built a home at Back Harbour on Twillingate North Island. It was here that their daughter, Ann Peyton, met and married Dr. William Stirling, Jr., Georgina's parents.


Thomas Peyton, J.P., Deputy Crown Surveyor, MHA 1889 to 1893 Twillingate Fogo Georgina's Uncle.
Back Harbour, Twillingate


Georgina's uncle, Thomas Peyton J.P., Deputy Crown Land Surveyor, M.H.A. 1889 -1893 Twillingate - Fogo.


Mrs. Thomas Peyton (nee Pearce)
Back Harbour, Twillingate


Mrs. Thomas Peyton (nee Pearce)


Ernest Peyton


Georgina's cousin Ernest Peyton, son of Thomas. Ernest, full of adventure and love of horses, decided to join the North West Mounted Police and went to Regina. Ernest began his service on June 27, 1888, R.N.W.M.P. Regimental No. 2178, he was the first Newfoundland born member of Canada's National Police Force. Unfortunately his career was a very short one, he died suddenly in October 1888 at age 19 of peritonitis from ruptured appendix. His burial took place in the North West Mounted Police cemetery in Regina, a monument was later erected to his memory at Snelling's Cove, Twillingate.


Georgina (left) with life long friend Minnie Tobin.


Georgina (left) with friend Minnie Tobin of Twillingate. Minnie graduated from Mount St. Vincent, Halifax in 1887, received academic honours and excelled in music and singing.