Georgina's engagement at Chioggia, Italy raised her to the height of her career.
Chioggia, Italy


In the summer of 1898, Georgina returned to Italy for a singing engagement in Venice. A new Mass had recently been composed and was being premiered at Chioggia, Italy. Maria Toulinguet was sought after for the leading role. Three telegrams were sent pressuring her to assume the role; this singing engagement brought her to the height of her brilliant career. Her performance of this role was overwhelmingly accepted by the citizens of Chioggia and a special night was held in her honor on October 29, 1898; live canaries and mounds of flowers were thrown from the opera boxes. A reception was held at the Ricordo, Chioggia, following the performance and she was presented with a testimonial, praising her beautiful voice. This indeed was a night of triumph and honor!! Her singing career continued in Italy and at the turn of the century she was again singing in Milan.