Many post-war changes have taken place including a new ferry terminal, new public wharves and modernised fish processing plants. As well, there has been a remarkable growth in institutions serving the town and environs notably a large regional hospital, new public schools, a public library, three museums, an arts centre, a new provincial art gallery (soon to be opened) and federal and provincial offices, all of which have had an impact on the economic activity, physical appearance of the town and on the life-styles of Yarmouthians.


Town of Yarmouth crest
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia


The seal of Yarmouth, developed for the town's incorporation in 1891, can sum up this capsule history. It depicts a full-rigged sailing vessel passing the Yarmouth lighthouse. Above this is the motto 'Progress'.
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Yarmouth County Museum
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia


Yarmouth County Museum & Archives

   The Yarmouth County Museum is an award-winning general history museum specialising in Yarmouth County, with an emphasis on our shipping history. We also have the largest, non-institutional archives in the province. Staff consists of a Director/Curator and an Archivist along with summer staff and many volunteers.
   Collections include glass, china, toys and dolls, costumes, furniture, souvenirs from sea captains, tools, and so on. They are displayed in both cases and period rooms.
   The nautical collections include photographs, navigating instruments, shipping china and glass, models, half models and ship portraits. Our collection of ship portraits is the third largest in Canada, but we have the largest display of paintings. (The New Brunswick Museum and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic have larger collections.) Ship portraits were brought back from foreign ports by their captains, either for the owners or for the captains themselves. All but two of our approximately 130 paintings are directly connected with Yarmouth either through ownership or the captain. They are marvellous interpretations of the vessels themselves as they give exact detail of the sails, rigging, deck layout, etc and sometimes even include the captain, his wife and children in them.


Pelton-Fuller House
3 July 2005
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia


The Museum also owns and operates the Pelton-Fuller House. Situated next door to the museum this was the summer home of Alfred and Prim Fuller. Alfred, born in Nova Scotia, moved to the Boston area in his teenage years (as did many other Nova Scotians of his generation), and eventually became 'The Fuller Brush Man' with a business empire which was valued in the millions. His second wife, Mary Primrose Pelton, grew up in Yarmouth. This house was her family home. The house is furnished as the Fullers left it.


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   Official Town of Yarmouth Website: http://www.yarmouth-town.com/contact.htm
   Yarmouth County Museum & Archives: http://yarmouthcountymuseum.ednet.ns.ca
   "Welcome to Yarmouth" - photos by Karen Hipson http://www.yarmouthonline.ca/