When the First World War broke out the 'Belmont' was re-registered as an American, and therefore a neutral, vessel. By 1915, with the torpedoing of many square-riggers by German submarines, Capt. Ladd decided that it was too dangerous to keep his family at sea with him and so moved them ashore. He shortly afterwards retired himself. The 'Belmont' sailed throughout the war under Capt. H.W. Fancy of Queens County, NS. In 1921 the vessel was converted to a coal barge and eventually sank off the coast of Florida in 1933.


Both Marion Hilton and Kathryn Ladd, along with Alice Wetmore, who went to sea with her father, Capt. George Wetmore in the barque 'Mary A. Law' , were volunteers at the Yarmouth County Museum up until the mid-1970's.