Jean Odlum remembers:
We would have workmen come out to stay for a while to do something specific. They would bring sleeping bags and stay there [Don Graham (interviewer): part of your duties as light keeper's wife was to cook for them and everything?] That used to gripe me so much. I had a yelling match with the [Marine] office once. They phoned. There would be a crew of two and this was Christmas Eve. No way! And I ranted and raved, and I usually don't do that sort of thing, and Gordon came to the phone. 'Get off the phone,' and he took the phone away from me, and said, 'I will talk to you tomorrow about this," and hung up. And they didn't come, which was very wise of them, if you think about it.
The additional work keepers' wives contributed to the lighthouse system was deeply valuable but many felt they received little recognition outside their families for their efforts.


Living at a Lighthouse was a unique experience for the families of light keepers.