In the production of this 'Community Memories' project I am indebted to an anonymous volunteer for his enthusiasm, dedication and effort in his work on this project. As well, I would like to thank Emma Gascoigne for scanning photographs, documents and slides as well as photographing museum artifacts, organizing these into the required stories and for her research. To other staff and volunteers, including Stuart McLean, Archivist, and our summer student staff who also helped with research, Cody Bain who typed out the MacMechan story and Mary Anne Mehaffey who transcribed the Ladd interview I am sincerely grateful.

Story 12 is an abbreviated version of Archibald MacMechan's wonderful story of the Voyage of Many Rudders. Story 8 is a transcribed recorded interview of Kathryn Ladd. Both Dr. MacMechan and Kathryn Ladd are to be thanked. I remember Miss Ladd's tales with great fondness.

Without those who donated paintings and artifacts to the Yarmouth County Museum and documents and photographs to the Yarmouth County Archives this project would have been without illustrations.

Of course without the mariners of Yarmouth, the businessmen who owned the ships and newspapermen and historians who recorded their histories, this project would not be possible.

I would like to sincerely thank all of the above.

Eric J. Ruff, FCMA
Yarmouth County Museum & Archives.



Top Left:
'Old Cameron at the Wheel' is the title of this photograph which was taken by Dr. Alexander Webster while aboard his uncle's four-masted barque 'Iranian' in the late 1890's.

The ship 'Ruby' is shown alongside a wharf in Wedgeport, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. Built in Church Point, NS for A.C. Robbins in 1878 the vessel was eventually sold to Norwegian interests and was lost at Fernandina, Florida in 1907. A life of thirty-one years was quite good for a softwood vessel.

Top Right:
Reunion of Yarmouth sea captains which took place in 1893. Included in this photograph are: back row, l. to r.: Capt Evelyn Kelley and Capt. Wynn Cann; middle row l. to r.: Capt. George Brown Cann, Capt. Angus Cann, Capt. George Wetmore and Capt. A.R. Ames; front row l. to r.: Capt. Billy Rogers, Capt. Jim Bain and Capt. Charles Brown.

Photograph of Yarmouth's bustling waterfront taken by F. Parker in 1900. The building to the left of centre is the terminal for the Yarmouth Steamship Co. Ltd. Behind it is the SS 'Boston' and, to the left, the SS 'Yarmouth'. The large while paddlewheeler is the 'City of Monticello' which was lost with 36 lives the following year. Also in the picture can be seen a barquentine, a tern schooner, the paddlewheeler 'City of Saint John' and the SS 'Alpha'. Of interest are the train tracks leading down to the wharf which allowed the Halifax train to embark and disembark passengers bound to and from Boston.