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The Musical and Agricultural Heritage of Eric Campbell

The Campbells' oat field, ready to be cut and bound for threshing
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Eric and Evelyn operating the grain binder, pulled by a 1953 Massey-Harris tractor
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Threshing has been a way of life for Pontiac County farmers; here, Norval McNeil's oat crop goes in
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Eric James Campbell, farmer, fiddler, machinist, maple syrup maker, community event instigator.
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Eric explains the workings of  the grain binder
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The bill hook, an essential element of the binder mechanism
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Golden oats; food for people and animals
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Eric hauls the oats from the field to the threshing mill
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Eric Campbell, organizer of the Steam-Powered Threshing Bees
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the Favorite Thresher
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Thresher view
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Bagging oats at the end of the threshing process
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The Case 45 Hp portable steam engine, with engineer Arnold Febig
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The Sawyer-Massey portable steam engine in action at the Threshing Bee
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One of two McCormick-Deering threshing mills in action at the first Threshing Bee, in 1992
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A long belt separates the engine from the very flammable chaff pile
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Dr. Rogers forks sheaves into the thresher
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Forking the sheaves of oats into the thresher
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