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Pubnico-Ouest, Nova Scotia

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The Lobster Plug Story in West Pubnico

Wooden lobster plug
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 A burlap bag filled with pine blocks, which sold for three or four dollars .
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Slices of pine wood.
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Abel d'Eon's wooden box that held his peg making tools.
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Slices of pine wood and the pegs made from it.
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Pieces of pine from a door jamb and the pegs made from it.
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Splitting pine blocks with a knife and a wooden mallet.
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Splitting knife and pine block.
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Wooden mallet used for banging the knife through the pine.
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Hand made wooden lobster plugs.
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Bunches of ten lobster pegs.
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Club chewing tobacco can full of hand made plugs. These cans held approximately 1000 plugs.
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A paper bag containing 1000 plugs.
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Lobster claw showing in which joint the plug was inserted.
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Crate of pegged lobsters.
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A well worn stone, used for sharpening  peg making knives.
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Sharpening stone and peg knife.
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Slices of pine were often dried in the warming oven.
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