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Point Atkinson Lighthouse: Maintaining the Light

Thomas David Grafton.
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The Grafton's dog, 'Pup' with Norma Jacob, a neighbour and the top of the tower in background.
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The Grafton family and friends outside the duplex at Point Atkinson.
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Gordon and Laurence Grafton.
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Laurence Grafton.
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Laurence Grafton, dog and friend.
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Alton Grafton, Jack Jacob and Laurence Grafton with fish.
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Mother Grafton's 66th birthday.
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Original Cypress Park School, c. 1923. Larry Grafton, back row, second from right.
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Grade 9 class photo of Hollyburn School, West Vancouver.
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Alton Grafton, Horace Lear and Laurence Grafton with fish.
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Laurence Grafton with fish.
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Grafton family men and boys, c. 1920s.
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Grafton family at Point Atkinson.
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Left to right: Jack Jacob, Muriel Bell, Mother Grafton, Larry Grafton.
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Life at the lighthouse was hard work but there was some time for play.
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Gordon, Laurence and Alton Grafton, Jim Jackson and Pat Rogers at Point Atkinson.
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A group of friends at a summer gathering at Point Atkinson, c. 1930s.
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