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Sworn to Secrecy: Canadians on Radar, 1940-1945

An RCAF Paybook was issued to all servicemen
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The "First of 6000" were the first RCAF radar recruits who completed their training overseas
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The S.S. Leopoldville carried some of the First of 6000 overseas in 1941 -- but later sank in 1944
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Thirteen Canadian universities offered a training program for RCAF recruits before going to Clinton
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Graduates of the RCAF's intensive electronics training course at the University of Western Ontario
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The RCAF Crest embroidered by A.R. Taylor while in a convalescent hospital in England
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Most mechanics attended a university training program before being selected for radar training
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Timetable from the University of Toronto RCAF training course
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Experiment notes on diode valves from the University of Toronto training course
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A view of the Clinton silo, "Cock's Folly", through a barracks window
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W/C K.R. Patrick's RDF training notebook, prior to becoming the first Canadian C/O at Clinton
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A Christmas dinner held at RCAF Clinton in 1944 kept spirits up when stationed far from home
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This menu for a formal dinner at RAF Clinton in 1941 included roast turkey and potatoes
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The reverse side of the menu was signed by those at the dinner, including many from the U.S. Navy
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Clinton Graduates in 1941
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Radar Instructor's Typical Daily Schedule showing instructors and various course topics
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RAF Clinton graduates leave from the Clinton railway station, 1942
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RCAF "Sparks" Badge was worn by radar mechanics, operators and technicians, and other trades as well
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